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Lorenz Electric Drive-Through Gate

The Yellow Gate


The patented Lorenz Electric Drive-Thru Gate is designed for all livestock operations - cattle, hogs, sheep, horses. The Drive-Thru Gate uses your existing electric fence circuit. The entire gate is energized - streamers, extension, hinge, with the exception of the green insulated hose (green is good). An included cable connects both sides, either trenched under the drive or suspended over head. The flexible arms provide a safe place to hold when walking through (green is good), and with the double spring action, it will not tangle in tire lugs or machinery. The Drive-Thru Gate is available in four models:

Gate Model Fits Openings
6Q050 1 12 to 14 feet wide
6Q051 2 15 to 20 feet wide
6Q052 3 13 to 19 feet wide
6Q053 4 18 to 24 feet wide

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