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Crank Winches

For fifteen years, Lorenz has been manufacturing various models of aluminum crank winches for the boat lift industry.  Our winches are designed to accommodate lifts from 1000 lb. capacity to as high as 7,000 lb. capacity in many different models.  They all incorporate roller chain and sprockets with a standard brake mechanism.  These winches are heavy duty and practically maintenance free.

Our standard winches will accommodate most applications.  If variations are needed, we can make changes and/or redesign if necessary.  Some examples of variations:


Different sizes of drums

Different lengths of input shafts (for different types of wheels)

Different mounting configurations

Type of hardware (stainless steel or zinc plate)

Type of input shaft (stainless steel or zinc plate)

Optional patented "Quiet Clicker"

All standard winch housings are made from aluminum.  


Comparison Chart

Winch Model

Dimensions  WxDxH

Max. Cable Weight

Drum Size

Cable Size


Cable Draw With One Turn of Wheel


8.5 x 3.5 x 10

1000 lbs.

2 in.



.8 in.


9.25 x 3.5 x 15.75

1300 lbs.

2 in.



1.47 in.


9.25 x 3.5 x 15.75

1600 lbs.

2 in.



.59 in.


10.5 x 5.5 x 16.25

2100 lbs.

4 in.



.51 in.


13 x 6 x 18

2600 lbs.

4 in.



.56 in.


13 x 6 x 18

3600 lbs.

3 in.



.43 in.

Model 1800 Model 2500 Model 3500 Model 40000 Model 5000 Model 7000
Model 1800 Model 2500S Model 3500 Model 4000 Model 5000 Model 7000


Electric Winches

Lorenz has also been manufacturing an electric chain drive winch since the mid 1990's.  This electric winch incorporated an electric 110V motor, a worm reducer and roller chains as the drive.  Since, the electric winches have evolved into other models with the same basic design.  Presently, we offer both 110 VAC and 12 VDC models.  The two models appear almost identical, except for the power input.  The 110 volt model uses a 56 frame 1.5 HP industrial motor.  The 12 volt model uses a series-wound motor rated at 2.5 HP.  The supply cord for the 12 volt model is 6 gauge.  The supply on the 110 volt model has a flush mount plug with a rubber cover for protection.  These winches are completely enclosed.  In case of loss of power, there is a backup feature installed.  The worm shaft can be turned manually using a standard 1/4" hex driver found in most hex driver kits.  For example, a cordless drill fitted with a 1/4" hex driver can be used to effectively raise or lower the load.

8000a.jpg (176 kb) 8000b.jpg (256  kb) 8000d.jpg (256  kb) 8000cjpg (1720  kb)
Model 8000 Flush-Mount  110v
shown with optional bottom cover
Flush_Mount 12v Emergency


Custom Accessories

Need custom parts machined or fabricated?  We have a large stock of raw material and quick turn-around time.  In addition to our most popular items (pictured below) we also shear, punch and form parts to your specifications.  See Services.  

Steel Wheel Nut Aluminum Wheel Nut Brass Sheave

Aluminum Sheave Zinc Plated Steel Sheave with Bushing Hand Wheels