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Earth Movers

The Lorenz Earth Mover is available in two models - the L8600 and L10800.  They are the push-off type, with double acting hydraulics.  The front axle is mounted to a heavy duty swivel with stress proof pins.  All axle spindles are bolted in place for easy removal.  The hydraulic cylinders are heavy duty and well protected.  The cutting edges are reversible and replaceable.  The center section cutting edge is larger for better heaping during loading.  The pivot arms and brackets are made from heavy plate to withstand heavy use.


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Heavy-Duty Front Axle with Removable Spindles Well-Protected Heavy Duty Gate Cylinders Extended Center Cutting Bit for Increased Heaping
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Replaceable Side Bits - Reduce Side Wear Heavy-Duty Push-Off and Bumper on Model 10800 Heavy Plate Rims and Large Lug Nuts



The dual hydraulics is very helpful with tractors with only dual spools.  One spool is used to raise and lower the tank, and the other spool controls the gate and pushoff.  As the gate reaches its full open position, the hydraulic pressure is transferred to the pushoff cylinder with a sequencing valve.  After unloading, the pushoff is retracted and hydraulic pressure returns to the gate cylinders, closing the gate.  




Description Model 8600 Model 10800
Capacity, Heaped 8 cubic yards 11 cubic yards
Width of Cut 84" 84"
Overall Width 8' 6" 8' 6"
Depth of Cut 8" 8"
Depth of Spread 0" to 14.5" 0" to 14.5"
Ground Clearance 12" 12"
Overall Raised Height 6' 5" 6' 5"
Push-Off Cylinder 4" x 36" 5" x 60"
Front Gate Cylinders 3" x 10" 3" x 10"
Tank Lift Cylinders 3.5" x 16" 3.5" x 16"
Sequential Front Gate and Push-Off Standard Equipment Standard Equipment
Rear Tires & Tubes 14.9" x 24" 6 Ply, 12 Ply Optional 14.9" x 24" 12 Ply
Front Tires & Tubes 15" x 22.5" 12 Ply 15" x 22.5" 12 Ply
Weight 7000 lbs. 7800 lbs.
Tongue Jack Standard Equipment Standard Equipment
Heavy-Duty Reversible Cutting Edges Standard Equipment Standard Equipment
Replaceable Side Bits Standard Equipment Standard Equipment
Hydraulic Spool Required Dual Spool, Dual acting Dual Spool, Dual acting
Horse Power Required 150-225 HP 150-300 HP
Hydraulic Supply Hoses & Tips Standard Equipment Standard Equipment