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Lorenz Tillage Equipment

Fabricated in our Watertown, SD plant, we offer a full line of tillage equipment, including:


Row Crop Cultivators


Potato Cultivators






Row Crop Cultivators

Light Duty Cultivation

The Vibra Spring tine is a good choice for all light duty cultivating.  The Vibra Spring (Danish Tine) vibrates as it is pulled through the dirt at a minimum speed.  The vibrating action cuts through dirt effectively with minimum moisture loss.  The Vibra Spring cultivator is available in 2, 4, 6 and 8 row non-folding models, and 6, 8, 12 and 16 row folding models.  The gangs can easily be adjusted for any width row.  On folding models, the hydraulic folding cylinders and hoses are included.

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Heavy Duty Folding Hinge

Easy Adjustable Gauge Wheels and Gangs Optional Gauge Wheel Mini Cultivator 

4', 6' and 8'

Special order


Medium Duty Cultivation

The C-Shank cultivator is similar to the Vibra Spring in layout, but the C-Shank cuts dirt differently.  The shovels are basically stationary with a spring relief, in the event of hitting rocks, etc.  The C-Shanks are more stable than Danish Tines and therefore ideal for medium duty applications.  The C-Shank cultivators are also available in non-folding (2, 4, 6, 8 row) and folding (6, 8, 12, 16 row) models.  These gangs are also easily adjusted.  Like the Vibra Spring cultivator, all folding models include the hydraulic folding cylinders and hoses.


Heavy Duty Cultivation

The Total Till cultivator is classified as our heavy duty cultivator.  It is the heaviest built, most aggressive cultivator.  It is also known as our 'High Trash Cultivator'.  The tool bar is 7" square and the gangs are easily adjustable.  Each gang including the main cross bar can be filled with water for more weight.

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Potato Cultivators


The Spud-O-Vator has a heavy 5"x7" main tool bar with 3"x4" gangs.  The Danish Tines are vertically adjustable, along with adjustable gauge wheels for keeping the tool bar level with the ground.  A gauge cone is offered as an option for precise cultivation.  



The Lorenz Wac-A-Trac can pay for itself in the first season of use by reducing water run-off and eliminating 'canals' from tire tracks.  The result is proven higher yields.  The main frame is 7.5 feet wide.  Additional wings can be bolted to the center section for wider tractors.  The drill or planter can be attached directly to the tractor drawbar or attached to our optional center section, which breaks the crust the whole width of the drill or planter.  The maximum width available is 15.5'.

The Wac-A-Trac II is similar to the standard Wac-A-Trac, but incorporates folding wings for tighter turning by raising the wings with the standard three point with cables and pulleys.


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Wac-A-Trac Wac-A-Trac II



Field Conditioner with Rolling Baskets or Harrow

For excellent final seedbeds and added moisture conservation, the Lorenz Field Conditioners offer good results in breaking up soil and laying the weeds out to dry.  Behind the Danish Tine Conditioner is either a rolling basket or harrow section.  The rolling baskets prepare the seedbed by eliminating pockets of air while easily rolling over rocks.

Harrows can be attached to existing field conditioners, field cultivators and chisel plows.  Like the rolling baskets, the mount arms are spring loaded and adjustable.
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Lorenz Mounted Harrow Field Conditioner with Rolling Baskets